Urinal incontinence is a widespread problem throughout the entire world. Incontinence is defined as peein' when you're not ready to let those water droplets make music in other water. Sometimes cases of this horrible medical condition can be fatal; in most situations, the urine runs down your leg, and your foot begins to bleed. For this reason, your nose would fall off, thus resulting in death. But there's help for you. Are you leaking? We can help.

There are many products on the market to help you with your incontinence.

The History of IncontinenceEdit

Many role models in history have been diagnosed with incontinence. For example, Mr. Bob and his wife, Martha Bob, were the recipients of some of the first official cases. Also, John Lardson had a terrible case of incontinence. After months in the hospital, he fought his way to recovery. Notable Pee scientist, Toot Toot III suspects that incontinence originated in the Stone Age, where cavemen decided to pee on a fern bush instead of on a proper tree. The fern, in relation to incontinence, is depicted in further sections.

What you can doEdit

Not everyone with incontinence has the strength to get through their illness. However, I BELIEVE IN YOU. Honey, you're just so unique, that you're special. I totally want you to text me if you, like, have a problem. When you're leakin', we're moppin'. We're there for you.

Further InformationEdit

For future Pee Scientists, we have provided you with scientific information on incontinence.

The Fern Edit


The dreaded enemy.

For many years, the fern has been the worst plant to pee on. As a student to the Pee field, you've obviously gone over the three C's: Coverage, cushion, cash. The fern provides none of these essentials:

  1. Coverage- The scrawny, useless fern provides no shield from the harsh effects of nature. The PRP (Pee Recipient Plant) should protect the user from any harm while the process is completed.
  2. Cushion- Not only are fern leaves all over the place around the bush, but they also give you a horrible rash. That's another strike for the fern.
  3. Cash- This one is practically self-explanatory. The fern is worth virtually nothing in the Used Plants Market after it has been peed on.

                Coupled with these facts, the fern infects your kidneys with the Yani Syndrome, causing incontinence.

The Mental AspectEdit

Many forms of urinal incontinence can be overcome by a strong will. Also, psychology can be used. For example, by telling patients that eating a banana every day will help their incontinence, you set their mind up for a cure. By thinking that they're cured, they become cured.