Raspberries have been enemies with kiwis for centuries. While the kiwis are currently developing new military power, the raspberries already have a full arsenal of weapons.


The raspberry civilization is located on an island in the Indian ocean. This island isn't included on most world maps. The president of the raspberry civilization, also known as Raspberria, is Charles Tonk. The president's term lasts the full growing season of raspberries (sometimes up to 2 years).


Raspberria possesses a wide range of weapons, including beans, chocolate, bananas, and noodles.

Famous QuotesEdit

Charles Tonk once said in a press conference, "Raspberria is like a noodle. The more it sits in the Indian ocean, the more water and nutrients it sucks up, and the bigger it gets. DOWN WITH KIWIS! I HATE THEIR GREEN GUTS! I WILL RIP THEIR INSIDES OUT AND HANG THEIR SKIN ON MY WALL! That will be all."